Kontzeju karrika 11, 31745 ITUREN (Baztan - Bidasoa) - T. (0034) 606 048 990

» Elgorriaga Wellness & Spa
Spa Hotel where the corridor of the river Bidasoa and the valley of Baztán meet. A spring of peace and relaxation.

» Mill at Zubieta
The mill at Zubieta is one of those places where time has stood still. Even today, the miller continues to use his hands and old implements to grind the wheat and corn. Would you like to try and become one of those hard-working artesans and make your own corn flour bread?.

» Bertiz Natural Park
Does the idea appeal to you of walking through a beautiful botanical garden to discover such singular species as gingkosfrom China, sequioas from California, chestnut trees from the Balkans and water lilies? Would you like to get to know friendly animals such as blackbirds, squirrels or woodpeckers? Would you like to spend a quiet day listening to the heartbeat of the forest?

» Zugarramurdi Museum
Museo que recoge la historia que el pueblo de Zugarramurdi vivió entorno a principios del s. XVII, tiempo en el que la inquisición acusó de brujería a cientos de personas que fueron finalmente llevadas a la hoguera.

» Urdax-Urdazubi Caves
The town stands on the border with France, separated from the Baztan valley by the Otsondo pass. Various stone medieval bridges span the river Ugarana which runs through the town.

» Jauregia Palace
Part of the Route of Casteles and Fortresses of Navarre, the Juareguía Palace, also known as ‘Jauregizuria’, stands in the centre of Irurita, a village in the Pyrenean Baztan valley. It is completely built of stone and conserves a number of original windows. It is one of the numerous palacios “Cabo de armería”(noble houses with coats of arms on their façades) built in the kingdom of Navarre in the late 14th and early 15th centuries and one of the eight conserved in the valley.