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Tresanea is a house that belongs to the municipality of Ituren (Navarra). It is located in the historic valley of Santesteban de Lerín, known today as Malerreka. The municipality of Ituren is accessed by regional route NA-170, which goes from Lekunberri to Doneztebe / Santesteban, and Casa Tresenea can be found at 28’100 – within the neighbourhood also called Ituren.

The name of the house has been registered since the 16th century. It refers to a combination of the woman’s name Teresa and the suffix –rena, later resulting in –nea, which indicates possession – in other words, “the house of Teresa.” A curious fact is that the name had already been changed in written documentation by the year 1544 to the shortened form Tresa, which coincides with the name currently in use.

Its name is therefore Tresanea, which derives from the 19th century Tresenea as a result of the assimilation of vowels and the most recent spoken form in use Trésenià, due to the tendency to convert endings in –ea in –ia.

That property, which already dated back to the 16th century, would seem to have undergone major remodeling in the 19th century, the result of which was the imposing four-storey building with hipped roof, which is still preserved today and is characterized by the pinkish colour of its walls.

For further information about the village, please view: www.ituren.eus

The house nowadays

Shared areas

– Reception and information (taxi, sending faxes, use of computer, etc.)
– Common room: a space of over 80 m2 designed for relaxing by the fireplace on sofas and armchairs fitted out for such purpose; equipped with TV, board games, books and newspapers and magazines; a separate area designed for serving customers breakfast.
– Bar, also located on the ground floor – designed for relaxing and chatting with family members or friends.
– Terrace, located on one side of the house, with direct access to the garden area – unbeatable views.
– Landscaped recreational area with restored well and washing area.
– Shed for storing bicycles or motorbikes or keeping horses, etc.


– Private parking.
– Lift.
– Disabled access.
– Free-of-charge Wi-fi access in common area.
– Laundry service.
– Sale of typical products: cheese, liqueurs, honey, etc.
– Booking of restaurants in the area.
– Bike rental service (There is a “Vía Verde” (“Green Route”) cycle track a few kilometres away).